We are specialists in the technological area, having as main activities:

- Consulting
- Development

- Training
- Reverse Engineering

We support companies that need to develop, optimize or maintain their technological products, without having to bear the high costs of a team of employees dedicated exclusively to the development and prototyping of their products and/or concept tests.

By having a constant range of employees, we can also provide internships and training whenever the size of the projects justifies it, adjusting the team to the market demands, resulting in the reduction of costs for our customers.

Having creativity always present in the created solutions, we also have as an objective, meeting the negotiated deadlines, knowing that only in this way is it possible to grow in such a dynamic market.

Performing work that has as main principle secrecy, our visibility in the market goes unnoticed, being our customers a core piece in the disclosure of our services.


We aim to provide creative and quality services that guarantee the business sustainability, pride and satisfaction of our clients.


By transforming the complicated into simple we help our clients to achieve their goals.


Our relationship with clients and related workers is guided by transparency and is based on responsibility and trust between the parties.

We are committed to sharing ideas and knowledge and to be benefiting from the innovation, energy and enthusiasm of a motivated team.


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